Sweet and tender hooligan

There is a place.. A place in Hell reserved for me and my friends.. And if ever I wanted to cry, then I will.. Because I can..
And there will your heart be also..
She's just an illusion.
I'm so fucking confused.
Someone is playing with my memories..
Have you heard the story about the man without qualities?
They say he is invisible.
How could you even notice him?
That's what I'm slowly tranforming into..
One day I will stand still
and fail to recall every word I've spoken.
I'm never gonna sleep again..
He lives inside me
Feels like it's been this way forever..
The fighting demon beneath my skin
Hardly able to breathe him out..
Can't even remember his face
His voice keeps whispering throughout my mind
The painkiller of my weirdness..
..Are you?
He would never recognise me again - so he says..
..but his mirror always spits out the truth
Trapping the lullabies inside his brain.. I can reach him
..Though I cannot touch him
This obsession I'm trying to hide
.. a loaded summertime fascination
I have to get him back...
...To sleep
Many thanx to Under Control for the blue thoughts


posted by weirdo @ 12:43 π.μ.  
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